Monday, 21 January 2013



Hi  guys.. meet you again. I hope you all have a nice day. Today we came late to bel class. It is because before that we have class QMT and we have quiz. Sorry Miss Zu. Today Miss Zu teach us about ‘Thesis Statement’ . What the function thesis statement?.The function of thesis statement is the main point to whole essays. She teach us how to write it. For your information, Athirah and I choose cause and effect essay. She tells us we need

define  wheather the thesis statement which one suibtable depends on types of essay. It is very important to make sure we do not mistake when we writing the essays. If not, we will get o mark. Have 3 pattern of cause and effect essays. Sometimes cause and effect essays written both in one paragprah. My partner and I choose pattern 3. You can see our pattern.


Introduction stating the thesis statement                                        = Introductory paragraph
Causes with topic sentences

Transition paragraph concluding the section on effects

Effects1, with topic sentences                                                          = Body paragraph
Effects 2, with topic sentences

Effects 3, with topic sentences.
Concluding summarizing the mains ideas or                                    = Concluding paragraph restating the thesis statement

After that, Miss Zu want us written 3 version thesis statement. We need prepare 3 version to make sure she not reject our thesis statement and we will present it for the next week on Tuesday. I thinks that all. Thank you. Wassalam

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