Monday, 31 December 2012



Hi guys. Today our class at Dewan Seri Peria at 2.p.m. Our class start with du'a. We proceed our class with presentation from who group does not done yet for the mid-term topic. If the topic still rejected, they need to do it again.Huhu. After that, she want to continue our lesson about paraphrasing.For your information, have five types to do it like synonyms, moving phrases, changing voices, changing part of speech and sentences combination. She also give us some exercise from textbook page 26 until 27. We also need read page 55 until 57.We need to do the exercise because we will discuss the answer start tomorrow. Lastly, before she end our lesson, we need do the online assessment.That’s all. Wassalam..=)

Sunday, 30 December 2012



Alhamdulillah,I still alive. How are you?.I hope you all healthy.I was very happy today because our class at computer laboratory.The locatiom at the sector C. If you study at there,you must feel happy because you can use the facility for search something, Sometime I use it for my reference. I can search anything at internet. Hehe..=). That's why I'm happy. All right, our class start with du'a. After that, Miss Zu want we present again about yesterday. Fatin and Atikah Kardi are the firts presenter.Why they are present again? They want make sure their topic is suitable for the types of essay. For your information, Athirah and I are present  ten minute before the class end at 6P.M. She had complaint about us topic. Without waste the time,we did correction in sentences to make sure the sentences is correct. The last presenter are Syafikah and Izani.They are look very excited to present their topic. Hehe..I don't know.May be they are the last presenter.Hehee.. By the way, she had give some advice,she want this task was complete for the next year 2013. That's all. Hope today is better than before.. Smile always. Wassalam..

Present at front..


Hello guys.For your information,our class at the same location. Haha. Before we start our class, we start with du'a. I hope Allah always help my friends and I in study. Amin..About a few minute,we are continue about broad topic,narrow topic and focus topic. So today,Miss ZU want every partner present about broad topic, narrow topic and focus topic at front with  partner. So,the first partner are Fatin and Atikah Kardi. In addition,we must present three difference topic.For example,we must find the something news such as AES and road accidents from article,newspaper,data base,journal,and internet.We must search the new things,not the comman issues. For me, it is very difficult., but my partner and I hope we can do the best. She told us we must more focus for this topic. However, we will try to gain the something news from this situation. Besides that, she ask us which one the types of essay we can choose.. Have five types of essay like are argumentative essay, cause and effects essays,compare and contrast essay,discussion and problem solve.Athirah and I chose the cause and effects essay and my topic is about 'Free Vaccination'. Hopefully, we can do the best.At 6 P.M the class end. wassalam..

Recall about regular..


Hi,today I was very happy because I still can update my blog. 'MY BLOG IS MY LIFE' . Hehe.. All right, can I proceed about my blog for this week?.For your information,today our study location at 'Dewan Seri Peria'. Our class start at 2 P.M. Before that, we also start our class with du'a.At the class, Miss Zu as a lecturer had recall about past tense,simple past tense,past perfect tense, past continues tense, regular verbs and irregular verbs. She told us,every student basically do their extreme mistake for thier grammar. I think I must recall what I learn about grammar last semester. Totally, grammar is a very important for all students to help improve in their writing and also in communication. I thinks also it is very important for me. How about you?.' If we want to be good, ask your selves". Lastly, Miss Zu want us search about regular and irregular verbs.. After that, put it at yellow file as a reference for the next time. After a few minute,our class end with du'a. That's all. Have a nice day... =)

Friday, 21 December 2012


Wednesday, 12/12/2012

Hi guys. My perception about blogging?. Firstly, my perception is we can use blog for share anything we do at our friends. I can share about study and my feeling. Besides that, blog help me to improve my communication skills. As you know, I new in world blog. One day, I hope I became expert about blog. Can you teach me ?Hehe .For your information, I create this blog for bel 311. Hopefully, you all enjoy when reading my entry. Have a nice day.. =)


Wednesday, 12/12/2012

My view about writing?? Seriously,I like writing, but not in English. Why? For me, if I writting something in English,I have not enough information and not know the skill to elobrate the points.By the way, have some the benefit about writting.For my view, we can use our potential to elobrate any topic and point in writting.. For your information,I more like writing than speaking.. I think my skill is writting. I hope i can get more tips about writing and also speaking...In shaa Allah..=)

Search current issues

Wednesday, 12/12/2012

Hi friends. I felt tired today. Why?? I not enough sleep tonight, but I not absend. All right,today our class at SL 2. SL also as know as a computer lab. The location at sector C.For your information,Miss Zu want us create own blog for Bel subject. After that, we need follow the blog that our friends. Seriously, I'm jelous when I reading and proud with my friends blog. They are very creative. >_< . In addition, before our class end at 6 p.m. She give us a new assigment. We need does it with partner. My partner is Athirah ... =). The purpose ,she want us search currents issues that may can help us to improve in writting.  'Do the best, among the best". Hopefully, I can do it. Thanks... Wassalam..


Tuesday, 11/12/2012

Hello guys, nice to meet you. =). All right,I want proceed four facts about my friends today. It start with Atikah Kardi and her partner is Faiz Othmann and the last one is Izani and her partner is Diba. After that, miss Zu give us another task . The task title is 'That's Shocking'. She give ten minutes to us to prepare the tasks and we must write four things about ourselves. For me, the tasks is very challenge. This is because we must make the whole class shocking when their know four facts about us.After that, she want us make a plane using the paper. For your information,the paper plane must contain four facts about us. >_<. Then, we need fly it to other friends. We cannot take our own paper plane. I get Izani paper plane. Lastly, I hope this tasks can make me more enjoy. That's all..  Have a nice day.Wassalam..;)


4 facts about partner??

Monday, 10/12/2012

Hi guys. Today, we will present four facts about partner. As you know, we must guess which one not true about us. We must do the tasks with our partner.The class start at 2 p.m at 'DewanSeri Peria'. For your information, it start with Nawi and her partner is Nadia and the last one is Nadia Zamri and her partner is Zubaidah.. Who my partner?? My partner is Rozita Binti Ghafar. There are have some facts about her. Firstly,she like eat chocolate. She said, the chocolate is very delicious. Second, she closed with her mother than her father because her mother not strict. Thirdly, she also always sleep late and wake up also late because she will online facebook, twitter or watching movies. Lastly, She don't like lizard. funny..So, can you guess which one is not true about her??. The answer is she closed with her late father because her father not strict. After a few minutes, the class end at 4 p.m. We not enough time to do the task. Miss Zu said us, we will continues about 4 facts tomorrow. That's all for today...Wassalam. Thanks you. =)


Wednesday, 5/12/2012.

Hello friends. Today, our class was cancel.For your information,I was very happy. Hehehe.. By the way, I spent my time with Athirah,Zubaidah,Ani, and Piqa. Our location at Intan Food Court(IFC),where the location near with our college. For your information,we eat together and also share new gossips. Haha..We are enjoy. Lastly, we end our meeting at 5p.m. Friends,I love you so much. I hope our relationship will never stop... That's all for today. Have a nice day. Wasalam..Thanks you.=)


Tuesday, 4/12/2012


Hi guys.. How are you? I'm fine ..Today,our class location at block Usahawan. I'm so tired because the location so far from my college, but I still want go to the class..Hehe.. I want gain more knowledge. All right, today Miss Zu had refresh back about the types of essay for the last semester. Seriously, I not recall anything. She said for this semester had five types of essay..

 1) Argumentative essay.
 2) Cause and effects essay.
 3)Compare and contrast.
 5) Problem solve evolusion.

She tell us,we need focus for this topic because we will do for the term paper. I hope I will concentrate at class.. InsyaAllah.. Lastly, she had give us some task. For this tasks we are need introduce four facts about partner. For your information,we will proceed this tasks for the next class and another partner must guess which one not true about us. I think that's all for today... See you next time. Wassalam.=)




My name is Nurul Farhana Binti Mohd Noor. I’m a of student Uitm Segamat,Johor. For your information, this is my first blog. Hehe. I created this blog purpose for subject Bel 311. Start now, I will always update my blog.. =) . Before that I’m sorry if I have made a mistake in grammar. This is because I have not expert in English, but I still want gain a new things. After semester break, I’ve returned to Uitm Segamat to continue my study. I hope this semester better than before this.

Today is first day for class Bel 311.Our class location at 'Dewan Seri Peria’ and start at 2 p.m. I was very excited to know who is teaching our class BeL 311 for this semester. I hope my lecturer is a good person, not strict and constantly strive to improve our weakness. After a few minutes, the lecturer was already come. After that, she introduce a little bit about herself. Her name is Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery, but we can call her Miss Zu. She is from Batu Pahat,Johor. She is a good person and not strict. She told us that every students must bring their own dictionary, yellow files and create a blog.

Besides that, she told us to try to speak in English.She also tell us what the purpose we all study, whether to get the higher pointer or to get more knowledge. She said the knowledge is very important in our lives. For me, if we want study, we should not just focus to get a highest mark but we also must focus to gain more knowledge.So,I must use my time with beneficial from now. =)

The next activity, we had divided the number in the class into two groups and make a circle. This activity to help the members in the group to communicate in English. We must speak until she say’ stop’. Then, we need to talk about ourselves.That was very interesting right? =) . Next, members in the circle should move slightly toward other friends to talk the same thing. Lastly, we had been asked to talk about ‘AFF Suzuki Cup’ but we had not enough time. So, that’s all for today.. Wassalam... >_<