Sunday, 30 December 2012

Present at front..


Hello guys.For your information,our class at the same location. Haha. Before we start our class, we start with du'a. I hope Allah always help my friends and I in study. Amin..About a few minute,we are continue about broad topic,narrow topic and focus topic. So today,Miss ZU want every partner present about broad topic, narrow topic and focus topic at front with  partner. So,the first partner are Fatin and Atikah Kardi. In addition,we must present three difference topic.For example,we must find the something news such as AES and road accidents from article,newspaper,data base,journal,and internet.We must search the new things,not the comman issues. For me, it is very difficult., but my partner and I hope we can do the best. She told us we must more focus for this topic. However, we will try to gain the something news from this situation. Besides that, she ask us which one the types of essay we can choose.. Have five types of essay like are argumentative essay, cause and effects essays,compare and contrast essay,discussion and problem solve.Athirah and I chose the cause and effects essay and my topic is about 'Free Vaccination'. Hopefully, we can do the best.At 6 P.M the class end. wassalam..

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