Sunday, 30 December 2012

Recall about regular..


Hi,today I was very happy because I still can update my blog. 'MY BLOG IS MY LIFE' . Hehe.. All right, can I proceed about my blog for this week?.For your information,today our study location at 'Dewan Seri Peria'. Our class start at 2 P.M. Before that, we also start our class with du'a.At the class, Miss Zu as a lecturer had recall about past tense,simple past tense,past perfect tense, past continues tense, regular verbs and irregular verbs. She told us,every student basically do their extreme mistake for thier grammar. I think I must recall what I learn about grammar last semester. Totally, grammar is a very important for all students to help improve in their writing and also in communication. I thinks also it is very important for me. How about you?.' If we want to be good, ask your selves". Lastly, Miss Zu want us search about regular and irregular verbs.. After that, put it at yellow file as a reference for the next time. After a few minute,our class end with du'a. That's all. Have a nice day... =)

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