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WEDNESDAY, 20/2/2013
Hi guys. How are you? Today our class at computer lab. Today Miss Zu teaches us about how to create the causes and effects essays in sentences. There are several methods us can use to link the cause and their effects in sentences. There are have 3 methods. This is examples for method 1:

Phrase of causes
Noun/noun phrase (causes)
Main clause( effects)
Due to
An increase in the amount of air pollution,
The sky has become very hazy.
The effect of
Conducting in-house training and courses for the staff is
That there has been an overall increase in their productivity.

For your information, we should write essays like the example. After a few minute, Miss Zu divides us into 5 groups. The game is we should write the essays based on the video. Have 5 patterns for causes and effects essays. My group are Athirah,Zubaidah, Ani,Nadia Salihin, Nadia, Rozita, Nabila. Our groups do block pattern 1. There is our pattern:

·         Introduction stating the thesis statement

·         Cause 1, with topic sentences

·         Causes2, with topic sentences

·         Causes 3, with topic sentences

Transition paragraph concluding the section on causes 

·         Effect 1, with topic sentences

·         Effect 2, with topic sentences

·         Effect 3, with topic sentences

·         Conclusion summarizing the main ideas or restating the thesis statement.

Before that, she shows the difference video. Our group’s video is about “Overuse drug”. The title is interesting right? Al right, after that, she give us around half an hour to finish do the causes and effects essays based on the video.  We search some input at internet to support our topic sentences. Everyone have the tasks and I do the paragraph 2 is about the effect. A few minute, we should complete and combined it to form one essays. Then, Miss Zu also wants we submit the soft copy. Before our class end, she reminds us about the tasks this weekend. The tasks are:
1)    We should do the online assessment.

2)     Paragraph development 1st Draft ( the whole essays for the term paper)

3)    Blog updating.
Lastly, our class end at 6 p.m. That’s all. Thanks you.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Comment friends outline.

Assalammualaikum. Today class cancel, but I comment my friends outline. This is my friends outlining.




English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311)

Course Details

Course                : Banking

Tutorial Group    : JBM 112 3A

Lecturer’s Name   : Miss ZuraidahBintiSumery

Title                       : Early Marriage Among Under Age Teenagers : Causes

                             and Effects.


Matrix Number
NurSyafiqahBinti Noor Azmi
NurHakimahLaiyinahBinti Alias



       I.            Introduction


     II.            Body paragraph

A.    One of the major reasons that the high school students marry at their early age is because their families forces the teenagers to get married with the men that their families have chosen.

a)     Most of the families want their daughter married early because they not have enough money to bear all of their children and to ease the family’s economic burden (Sara, 2012).

b)    If the teenagers got married, their husband will take all the responsibilities from their parents towards the teenagers (Indramalar, 2012).


2.     Despite the problem of forced marriage occurred among poor family, it is also happen to the rich families.

a)     Some of the rich families want to expand their business performance so they decided to marry their daughter with the son of their business partners (Khan, 2012).

b)    The chairman of the Union Parishad marrying his son with the girl under 18 age and was carried the bride to the father’s in law house using the helicopter and the chairman spent almost 10 million in the wedding event (Dhaka Sunday,2012 as cited in Khan, 2012).

3.     The teenagers’ families want to use them to settle down the family’s debt or want to use the entire dowry to pay their debt.

a)     Some of the families will force their daughter to marry with the man that they have owe to finish all of their debt.

b)    Sometimes their families said that the brides do not have the right to use the dowry because they are too young to have a lot of money, unfortunately, they use the dowry to pay all of their debt (Indramalar, 2012).



1.     The outcomes from marry at early age will affect the teenager’s future life.

a)     Women who marry in their adolescences are more expected to experience the process of separation within 15 years of their wedding (Gordon, 2010).

b)    Teenagers who are marrying at young age are 31% more expected to live in the poverty when she is older (Gordon, 2010).

c)     There were less educational achievement and limited number of schooling chances among the young married girls (Haberland, Bracken, Parker, 2005).


2.     The results from marry at early age also will affect the teenager’s daily life.

a)     Married teens have lower revelation to currentnews and limited social networks (Nicole, Erica, Hilary and Chris, 2005).

b)    The young teenagers who were married earlier will have less household and economic power(Haberland, Bracken, Parker, 2005).

c)     High school students who married earlier will have lesser freedom of movement and capacity to seek health care and family planning services. (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).

d)    Marry at early age will rising the chances of the teens will involve in domestic violence and sexual abuse. (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).



C.     The teenagers who are married early also will have an effect on their health condition.

1.     Most of the teenager’s husbands were transmitted their diseases to the teenagers. 

a)     Based on the study, the teenagers have the potential to get HIV if their husband is older five or 14 years than them, because 30% of the teenager’s partners were having a numerous sex partners before they get married (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).

b)    The young adolescences may be physiologically easier to get infection from HIV or other transmitted diseases because their vagina is lack from the protective cells (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).


2.     Teenage girls who marry early will also beaffected during their pregnancy period and on their childbirth.

a)     The teenagers who get pregnant at the age of 15 until 19 years old have higher risk to death during their pregnancy period because their body is not strong enough and still at the growth stage (International Women’s Health Coalition, 2011).

b)    The young mothers will get the risks and complications during the pregnancy progression which can affect their babies’ weight and the babies have a higher potential to die(The Practice of Marrying,2013).

3.     The consequences from marry at early age also will give an effect towards the high school students’ mental condition.

a)     The teenagers will suffering when they got married at the early age because they cannot liveas a normal person like their peer friends (Indramalar, 2012)

b)    The teenagers only focus on their responsibilities as the young housewives.

c)     The teenagers were being forced to seek for a livelihood because of their husband is not carrying their responsibilities.

d)    The domestic violence’s in the marriage also will happen and can affectthe mentality of the teenagers who are not mature enough to do their responsibilities as wife and mothers at the early age (Media Centre, 2011).


D.    One other consequences from marry at early age is the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences.

1.     The society will considered that the teenagers who get married early have low level of education.

a)     Based on the study, most of the teenagers who get married early were not finishing their school learning (Mana Vue, 2000).

b)    The teenagers are lack in term of concern in college and inspirationfrom their parents and peers (Mana Vue, 2000).

c)     The teenagers have poor study behaviors (ManaVue, 2000).

d)    Women who marry before the age of 19 are 50% more expected to withdraw from high school and four times fewer to graduate from college (Lundberg, 1994).

e)     High school students who marry at their early age have educational and performance problems in school (Sanders, 1997).


2.     The society will presume that the teenagers who get married early were too exposure to social life.

a)     There was too much social life among the teens (Mana Vue, 2000).

b)    The teenagers’ parents will arrange their marriage because they have too much social life with their friends (Khan, 2012).

c)     The desire to keep the family’s good name and societal stand up because of the problematic teenagers (Khan, 2012).


In a summary, most of the teenagers and their families know about the tremendous negative impacts of the early marriages, but they were still preferred to ignore all of these impacts. These impact  will affect not only to the under age teenagers’ life and health but as well as the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences. [w4] 

 [w1]The thesis statement  so clear and it also attract the people to read the essay.
1)        [w2]They have many point to elaborate their points.
2)        All the supporting details are relevant
1)        [w3]They have many causes but we think it’s so hard to differentiate what are the exactly the point among the topic sentences of the effect.
2)        They find the point that give many input to reader.
3)         We also think that this group have already find many references and good point to support their topic sentences.
4)        Even they
 [w4]For the whole outline, they follow the format that Miss Zu ask them to do.


MONDAY, 18/2/2013


Hi, guys. Today our class at DSP. Today our lesson is about what writer is tried to tell us. Before that, Miss Zu give us difference card to us try to answer the question which are not the murderer, not the weapon and not the places. We should try to find the answer. It is because we must know the real murderer, the real weapon and the real places where kill to the Mr Boddy. Miss Zu also show four not the murderer, four not the weapon and four not the places. For your information, Wasim is given the best answer. After that, she give divided us into 5 groups. My groups are Atikah and Wawa. The game is we should try the title, what we think will happen, clues from the videos clips and what really happened depend on  the video clips show. For this game, my group not gets anything marks because my group gives not relevant answer.  It’s so okay and the best group is Rozita group. Lastly, she want we comment other friend outlining and put it at own blog. I hope we will submit it before this Wednesday. Seriously, I feel so enjoy for these activities. That’s all. Thanks you.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Wednesday, 6/2/2013


Hello guys, today our class at SL. Today, Miss Zu want we finish do the outlining at class again. She want look we finish it 80%. We should rephrase the sentences structure from the original. It is because we should submit it before this Friday. Athirah and I do the outlining careful because if the outlining step is wrong, of course we get not full marks. Seriously we want the task is good results. This task is important because it help our get marks for the term paper for final examination. I hope I can do the best writing after this outlining is finish and submit to her. She also remaind us about we should submit it for this week. I think that all for today. Thank you.


TUESDAY, 5/2/2013


Hi guys, today our class at U214. Our lesson today is about outlining again. Miss Zu want we finish do outlining at class. At the same times. We can try to check our outlining sentences before we confirm it. My patner and I do it with careful because we not enough time to do it. It is because we need submit the outlining before this Friday. This Friday is the last week before the Chinese New Year. Another group starts to show their work at her. She also tries to help them. I think that all. Thank you.



Assalammualaikum. Hi guys, today we bring our own laptop to the class. Miss Zu want check our outlining one by one group. She starts check from Faiz Adha group. For your information, Athirah and I feel nervous because we not sure our outlining is correct or not. We hope she approve our outlining for the term paper. A few minute, she comes to my groups. She just comments a little sentences structure only. She hopes we will do the best again. Athirah and I feel happy and at the same time we will make sure our outline is use the role. Lastly our class end at 4 p.m. I think that all for today. Thank you.


WEDNESDAY, 30/1/2013


Hello today we proceed to present thesis statement. Have 2 groups only not finish it. Especially group Ita and Nawi. First presenter is Ita groups and next is group Nawi. She not accepts Nawi group thesis statement because their thesis statement is having mistake again. We should help them to make their sentences is correct, but no volunteer want to try to correct it. Lastly, she helps them to correct their sentences. After that, she want check our introduction one by one. At the same times, Athirah and I start feel nervous because our introduction still not have the transaction. We hope she accept our introduction. Before class end, she wants we do the outlining. She also has given some example outlined for our look as reference for do this task. I think that all. Thank you.




Hi, how are you? Our class today at U214 at 4 p.m. Today, we continue present about thesis statement. First group is from Acap and Nawi group and Miss Zu not accept their thesis statement. Next is from my group. Athirah and I present our thesis statement at front. She also not accepts our thesis statement because our thesis statements have many errors. We hope after this we do the best thesis statement. Besides that, she also accepts thesis statement from Izani group. After every group finish presents it, totally she accepts another group thesis statement but have 3 grouped only she not approves it again. For your information, Athirah and I try to show again our thesis statement at her. Lastly she teaches us again about technique do the thesis statement. Now our thesis statement is:

It is indeed true that without HPV Vaccination women all over Malaysia still live in a perfect healthy life, however, Malaysian way of lifestyle has changed the situation as recently failing to take the HPV Vaccination will lead to negative catastrophes such as increasing sexually transmitted diseases, leading to mental retardation and eventually will lead to fatal chronic cancerous death cases.

I think that all. Thank you. =)


MONDAY, 28/1/2013