Tuesday, 19 February 2013


MONDAY, 18/2/2013


Hi, guys. Today our class at DSP. Today our lesson is about what writer is tried to tell us. Before that, Miss Zu give us difference card to us try to answer the question which are not the murderer, not the weapon and not the places. We should try to find the answer. It is because we must know the real murderer, the real weapon and the real places where kill to the Mr Boddy. Miss Zu also show four not the murderer, four not the weapon and four not the places. For your information, Wasim is given the best answer. After that, she give divided us into 5 groups. My groups are Atikah and Wawa. The game is we should try the title, what we think will happen, clues from the videos clips and what really happened depend on  the video clips show. For this game, my group not gets anything marks because my group gives not relevant answer.  It’s so okay and the best group is Rozita group. Lastly, she want we comment other friend outlining and put it at own blog. I hope we will submit it before this Wednesday. Seriously, I feel so enjoy for these activities. That’s all. Thanks you.

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