Sunday, 27 January 2013


WEDNESDAY, 23/1/2013.
Hi friends, we meet again. How are you? All right, today our class at library. You still remember about thesis statement?? Yup.. Today, we need do discussion about it with other group. My group thesis statement is about cause and effect  if you not taking Hpv Vaccination. I think my group thesis statement is very difficult. Totally, I hope Syafiqah, Izani  and Hakimah will teach us to find it. These is because, they also do the same types of essay. Before that, I want apologize to Athirah because I came late at library and also late to do our thesis statement. I’m sorry. About a hour, our class end at 5.30 p.m. After that, I want go to co-curricular class. I thinks that’s all. Thank you. Assalammualaikum.. Have a nice days…


TUESDAY, 22/1/2013

Hi, how are you?. Today, Miss Zu want us update our own blog and need give comment to other blogs. She want us do it for tomorrow class at lilbrary. All right, today is thesis statement time. We need present it at front. First presenter is from Faiz Adha group. Next presenter is Solihin group and she accept their thesis statement. Besides that, she tells our grammar very suck!. Oh my god..  You can imagine??  Urmm. After that,Atiqah Ahmad and Diba present their thesis statement at front. She also like and approve their thesis statement. Congratulations!! I very proud with their  work.  A few minutes ago, Athirah and I present our thesis statement, but she not accept our thesis statement and of course we need do it again . Never mind, I hope I can do it better than before. Lastly, she want us combined with other groups  for discussion at library. For your information, tomorrow I have no class. I think that's all. Thanks you..


Hallo friends, today no class, but I and Athirah do our thesis statement  at college. We do 3 version thesis statement for Term Paper and we should present it for tomorrow class . That's all. Thanks you..

Monday, 21 January 2013


WEDNESDAY, 16/1/2013

Hi guys.Today Miss Zu teach us how writing the introduction based on functions and techniques. What the functions of the introduction??.


¨  It attracts the reader’s interest to continue reading the essay / Get the readers’ attention.

¨  It supplies background information needed to understand the essay.

¨  It presents a thesis statement, the main idea of the essay, usually towards the end of the introduction.

¨  It indicates a plan of the essay’s development (optional).

¨  Set tone for the rest of the essay.
For your information, Miss Zu also want us put the hook, the transition and the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. What the means of the hook, transition and thesis statement??

The Parts of the Introductory Paragraph

¨  The Hook - Designed to grab attention immediately and give some indication about the essay’s topic

¨  The Transition - Moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay…

¨  The Thesis Statement - Makes the contract with the reader about what will be discussed without a blatant announcement.

Besides that, have 8 types of hooks. We can combined types of writing depends our want. Basically quotation from famous person.

Types of Hooks
1. Personal examples

2. Quotations

3. Facts or statistics

4. Rhetorical questions
5. Current event

6. Contrast to the thesis statement
7. Definition

8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements

Before class dismiss at 4 p.m, she remained us about thesis statement. She want us writing 3 version thesis statement with difference sentences structure. That’s all friends. Thanks..



Hi  guys.. meet you again. I hope you all have a nice day. Today we came late to bel class. It is because before that we have class QMT and we have quiz. Sorry Miss Zu. Today Miss Zu teach us about ‘Thesis Statement’ . What the function thesis statement?.The function of thesis statement is the main point to whole essays. She teach us how to write it. For your information, Athirah and I choose cause and effect essay. She tells us we need

define  wheather the thesis statement which one suibtable depends on types of essay. It is very important to make sure we do not mistake when we writing the essays. If not, we will get o mark. Have 3 pattern of cause and effect essays. Sometimes cause and effect essays written both in one paragprah. My partner and I choose pattern 3. You can see our pattern.


Introduction stating the thesis statement                                        = Introductory paragraph
Causes with topic sentences

Transition paragraph concluding the section on effects

Effects1, with topic sentences                                                          = Body paragraph
Effects 2, with topic sentences

Effects 3, with topic sentences.
Concluding summarizing the mains ideas or                                    = Concluding paragraph restating the thesis statement

After that, Miss Zu want us written 3 version thesis statement. We need prepare 3 version to make sure she not reject our thesis statement and we will present it for the next week on Tuesday. I thinks that all. Thank you. Wassalam


MONDAY, 14/1/2013.

Hi….Today, Miss Zu want us to debate.. What?? Debate?? Why I’m scared? It is because I’m not ready for do it. Hoho..Before that, Miss Zu divide us into 4 groups and I was in a group 1. My group are Faiz, Asyraf, Sarra, Izani, Nabila, Adibah. For your information, group 1 and group 2 are from government side and other group are from opponent side. Have two title for this debate.

First title is :
‘’Is it consider cheating when your partner ( girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was cheaking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men/ women on facebook like poking,liking and etc”.

Second title is :
Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?
First title is from group 1 and group 2. Beside that, she give us a few minute for discussion.  After discussion, the debate session start. About a few minute, the debate was end. She want us decide which group is the best debate. May be from government side or opponent side. Which one??. From she side, the winner  is from group 2 (opponent side). It is because Rozita is the best debate. Congratulations! Faiz also the best debate from group 1. Hehe. Lastly, Athirah is the best debate from group 3 (government side) and Fikri is the best debate from group 4. We are very enjoy it and our class dismiss at 4 p.m. That’s all. Thanks..

Sunday, 13 January 2013

CoMmEnT oThEr bLog..


Hi guys.. How are you?  I’m fine. I hope you all have a nice days. Today, our class at computer lab (SL2). What we learn today??. Miss Zu want check our blog. Before that, she want us finish edit or put something like pictures, video or anything that may can make our blog more creative. Miss Zu give us around half hour until 5.00 p.m to finish it. Seriously, I’m felt sad because I have not put any pictures in my  blog. I’m try to put it in my blog,but I still failed to upload it. I don’t know why,maybe have some problems. Never mind, I hope I will try it again. Huhu.. After that, she want us give comment to other friends. Adibah, Ani and Zubaidah are was conmment in my blog and I reply their comment. They are give  positive comment in my blog.. I hope my other friends will comment and suggest to me to improve my grammar or anything else. Thanks friends. Without you all comment, maybe I don’t know my weakness in my this blog.. Hehe.. After we comment, she will check it. Lastly,our class end at 6.00 p.m..

Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Today, Miss Zu want to check nadia blog,to make sure she do the best and creative blog. She had give some comment about nadia blog. She want us do the creative thinking and we can put anything that related with our lesson in our blog. The purpose is she want us create and share our skill in our blog.
After that, she teach our class about 'Fact and opinion'.How to know this is fact or opinion?? Fact is something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven. Look for clues such as: " 56% of...., or "The patient experienced...".

An opinion is what someone thinks about that subject.Look for clues such as: "I believe...", "It's obvious...", or "They should...". 
 Next,we had played a game related with this topic. We need to sell our produce. For your information,my group is number 5. My member are Fikri,Syafikah,and Hakimah. Before that, Fikri come to the front to choose our product. Our product is coffee aik cheong. Hahaha, we need to list 5 wheather are fact or opinion about our product at the paper.My members  and I did the discussion about it. After discussion,another group must to find how much are fact and opinion. There are some fact and opinion about our product.

1) The most delicious coffee 3 in 1 that been created in this world is AIK CHEONG.(Opinion)
2) The ingredients for this coffee like non-dairy creamer,vegetable oils, sugar and instant coffee.( Fact)

3) The product from aik cheong beverage industries sdn.bhd,lot 1-1 jalan teknologi cheng 1.kawasan perindustrian cheng,75250 melaka,malaysia. (Fact)

4) Coffee is the best way that can reduce stress and depression ,it also can boost your energy.(Opinion)

5) We must keep this product at right places and make sure the packaging is not open yet.( Opinion.

In this game,my group get 4 markh.Hehe.. We are felt very enjoy. I think this game make us more creative to promote our product.  In this game,my group get 4 markh.Hehe.. We are felt very enjoy. I think this game make us more creative to promote our product. Our class end at 6p.m. That's all. Thanks you...=)

Monday, 7 January 2013


Hi guys, today our class at Dewan Seri Peria. The location near with my college.Our class start at 2p.m. Today,Athirah,Ani and I came early to the class. We are very excited to learn new things for today..Hahah.For your information,Miss Zu want us bring own laptop for class Bel 311 today. She want us update and check our blog.Hoho.Miss Zu want us give some comment on our friend blogs, but we can't access the internet at Dewan seri Peria. So,she suggest us to went to the library to complete our assignmentat there. She also want us share our topic for the term paper. Alright, my partner is Athirah.
There are some information about our topic:
HPV Vaccination
Free HPV Vaccination Injection Program Among Women Aged18

HPV Vaccination Free Injection Among women under 18.What are the causes and effects of not taking it.?
There is some our material and sources:

Type of material and name
Title of article

HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Lead To Promiscuous Tweens

Alexandra Sifferlin
Year of publication
15 October 2012
Website address
Date of retrieval
Volume number, issue number and page (s)

 Why our choose this topic?. This is because this topic is current issues. Besides that,we choose this topic for the cause and effect essays. After few minute,our class end at 4p.m. that’s all for today. Thanks.=)

Sunday, 6 January 2013


WEDNESDAY, 2/1/2013

How are you? I'm fine. I hope you all fine there. Alright, today our class at Sri Laksamana as know as computer lab. Our class start with du'a.Before we start our lesson, Miss Zu ask us to do online the assessment at student portal i-learnt. She said,we must do it before 13 january 2013. We can do it until get 10 mark. I hope i will do the best.Amin. After that, we learn about scanning and skimming.. What the difference between scanning and skimming??
Scanning and skimming is known as the way of or strategy of faster reading. The skill of skimming and scanning are very important when you need to read quickly for information.

Scanning means knowing what information you need to find before you read. You have something in your mind, your eyes, then, move quickly to find that particular information. You scan when you are looking for a fact or a detail or a particular vocabulary word. When you are scanning, you don’t have to read every word to answer the questions and don’t have understand every word.

Skimming means reading quickly for general meaning. You skim reading material to find out about topic, the main idea, and generic structure of passage. For this kind of reading, you only want to find out something and don’t want to know and memorize everything you read. In fact, you should leave out everything except a few important words.There are the words that tell you the general idea.
She teach us how to find a main idea if the main not stated in the passage. After that, we are play some game which is related with our lesson for today. Before she finish our lesson, we end our class with du'a. I hope the next class will more enjoy. Thanks you.. Waasalam. =)




My Wishes in 2013
 God gives You..
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy..and that's all! 
" HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends..
Today our class at U 214. We start our lesson with Zubaidah and Sara partner presentation with their own topic. For your information, Miss Zu does not accept their topic. This is because their topic is common. I feel pity to them especially to Zubaidah and her partner.I hope they are not give up. Besides that,she discuss the answer exercise for yesterday.The excrsice is about paraphrase. After that,we learn about summarising. My perception summarising is easy than praphrasing because we need a few tips do the summarising. I think that all for today.. WASSLAM..>_<