Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Today, Miss Zu want to check nadia blog,to make sure she do the best and creative blog. She had give some comment about nadia blog. She want us do the creative thinking and we can put anything that related with our lesson in our blog. The purpose is she want us create and share our skill in our blog.
After that, she teach our class about 'Fact and opinion'.How to know this is fact or opinion?? Fact is something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven. Look for clues such as: " 56% of...., or "The patient experienced...".

An opinion is what someone thinks about that subject.Look for clues such as: "I believe...", "It's obvious...", or "They should...". 
 Next,we had played a game related with this topic. We need to sell our produce. For your information,my group is number 5. My member are Fikri,Syafikah,and Hakimah. Before that, Fikri come to the front to choose our product. Our product is coffee aik cheong. Hahaha, we need to list 5 wheather are fact or opinion about our product at the paper.My members  and I did the discussion about it. After discussion,another group must to find how much are fact and opinion. There are some fact and opinion about our product.

1) The most delicious coffee 3 in 1 that been created in this world is AIK CHEONG.(Opinion)
2) The ingredients for this coffee like non-dairy creamer,vegetable oils, sugar and instant coffee.( Fact)

3) The product from aik cheong beverage industries sdn.bhd,lot 1-1 jalan teknologi cheng 1.kawasan perindustrian cheng,75250 melaka,malaysia. (Fact)

4) Coffee is the best way that can reduce stress and depression ,it also can boost your energy.(Opinion)

5) We must keep this product at right places and make sure the packaging is not open yet.( Opinion.

In this game,my group get 4 markh.Hehe.. We are felt very enjoy. I think this game make us more creative to promote our product.  In this game,my group get 4 markh.Hehe.. We are felt very enjoy. I think this game make us more creative to promote our product. Our class end at 6p.m. That's all. Thanks you...=)


  1. i want that coffee..seems like delicious la..can i have one???

  2. thnks diba,, because u want buy our product..hehehe...before you want buy the product,make sure u call me first..hehe.. my number is 014???