Sunday, 13 January 2013

CoMmEnT oThEr bLog..


Hi guys.. How are you?  I’m fine. I hope you all have a nice days. Today, our class at computer lab (SL2). What we learn today??. Miss Zu want check our blog. Before that, she want us finish edit or put something like pictures, video or anything that may can make our blog more creative. Miss Zu give us around half hour until 5.00 p.m to finish it. Seriously, I’m felt sad because I have not put any pictures in my  blog. I’m try to put it in my blog,but I still failed to upload it. I don’t know why,maybe have some problems. Never mind, I hope I will try it again. Huhu.. After that, she want us give comment to other friends. Adibah, Ani and Zubaidah are was conmment in my blog and I reply their comment. They are give  positive comment in my blog.. I hope my other friends will comment and suggest to me to improve my grammar or anything else. Thanks friends. Without you all comment, maybe I don’t know my weakness in my this blog.. Hehe.. After we comment, she will check it. Lastly,our class end at 6.00 p.m..

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