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WEDNESDAY, 2/1/2013

How are you? I'm fine. I hope you all fine there. Alright, today our class at Sri Laksamana as know as computer lab. Our class start with du'a.Before we start our lesson, Miss Zu ask us to do online the assessment at student portal i-learnt. She said,we must do it before 13 january 2013. We can do it until get 10 mark. I hope i will do the best.Amin. After that, we learn about scanning and skimming.. What the difference between scanning and skimming??
Scanning and skimming is known as the way of or strategy of faster reading. The skill of skimming and scanning are very important when you need to read quickly for information.

Scanning means knowing what information you need to find before you read. You have something in your mind, your eyes, then, move quickly to find that particular information. You scan when you are looking for a fact or a detail or a particular vocabulary word. When you are scanning, you don’t have to read every word to answer the questions and don’t have understand every word.

Skimming means reading quickly for general meaning. You skim reading material to find out about topic, the main idea, and generic structure of passage. For this kind of reading, you only want to find out something and don’t want to know and memorize everything you read. In fact, you should leave out everything except a few important words.There are the words that tell you the general idea.
She teach us how to find a main idea if the main not stated in the passage. After that, we are play some game which is related with our lesson for today. Before she finish our lesson, we end our class with du'a. I hope the next class will more enjoy. Thanks you.. Waasalam. =)

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