Sunday, 27 January 2013


TUESDAY, 22/1/2013

Hi, how are you?. Today, Miss Zu want us update our own blog and need give comment to other blogs. She want us do it for tomorrow class at lilbrary. All right, today is thesis statement time. We need present it at front. First presenter is from Faiz Adha group. Next presenter is Solihin group and she accept their thesis statement. Besides that, she tells our grammar very suck!. Oh my god..  You can imagine??  Urmm. After that,Atiqah Ahmad and Diba present their thesis statement at front. She also like and approve their thesis statement. Congratulations!! I very proud with their  work.  A few minutes ago, Athirah and I present our thesis statement, but she not accept our thesis statement and of course we need do it again . Never mind, I hope I can do it better than before. Lastly, she want us combined with other groups  for discussion at library. For your information, tomorrow I have no class. I think that's all. Thanks you..

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