Sunday, 17 February 2013




Hi, how are you? Our class today at U214 at 4 p.m. Today, we continue present about thesis statement. First group is from Acap and Nawi group and Miss Zu not accept their thesis statement. Next is from my group. Athirah and I present our thesis statement at front. She also not accepts our thesis statement because our thesis statements have many errors. We hope after this we do the best thesis statement. Besides that, she also accepts thesis statement from Izani group. After every group finish presents it, totally she accepts another group thesis statement but have 3 grouped only she not approves it again. For your information, Athirah and I try to show again our thesis statement at her. Lastly she teaches us again about technique do the thesis statement. Now our thesis statement is:

It is indeed true that without HPV Vaccination women all over Malaysia still live in a perfect healthy life, however, Malaysian way of lifestyle has changed the situation as recently failing to take the HPV Vaccination will lead to negative catastrophes such as increasing sexually transmitted diseases, leading to mental retardation and eventually will lead to fatal chronic cancerous death cases.

I think that all. Thank you. =)

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