Sunday, 24 February 2013


WEDNESDAY, 20/2/2013
Hi guys. How are you? Today our class at computer lab. Today Miss Zu teaches us about how to create the causes and effects essays in sentences. There are several methods us can use to link the cause and their effects in sentences. There are have 3 methods. This is examples for method 1:

Phrase of causes
Noun/noun phrase (causes)
Main clause( effects)
Due to
An increase in the amount of air pollution,
The sky has become very hazy.
The effect of
Conducting in-house training and courses for the staff is
That there has been an overall increase in their productivity.

For your information, we should write essays like the example. After a few minute, Miss Zu divides us into 5 groups. The game is we should write the essays based on the video. Have 5 patterns for causes and effects essays. My group are Athirah,Zubaidah, Ani,Nadia Salihin, Nadia, Rozita, Nabila. Our groups do block pattern 1. There is our pattern:

·         Introduction stating the thesis statement

·         Cause 1, with topic sentences

·         Causes2, with topic sentences

·         Causes 3, with topic sentences

Transition paragraph concluding the section on causes 

·         Effect 1, with topic sentences

·         Effect 2, with topic sentences

·         Effect 3, with topic sentences

·         Conclusion summarizing the main ideas or restating the thesis statement.

Before that, she shows the difference video. Our group’s video is about “Overuse drug”. The title is interesting right? Al right, after that, she give us around half an hour to finish do the causes and effects essays based on the video.  We search some input at internet to support our topic sentences. Everyone have the tasks and I do the paragraph 2 is about the effect. A few minute, we should complete and combined it to form one essays. Then, Miss Zu also wants we submit the soft copy. Before our class end, she reminds us about the tasks this weekend. The tasks are:
1)    We should do the online assessment.

2)     Paragraph development 1st Draft ( the whole essays for the term paper)

3)    Blog updating.
Lastly, our class end at 6 p.m. That’s all. Thanks you.


  1. hai ana your blog is very beautiful and the way you organize make me feel you are good and it seems like you remember all the things that we had learnt. well done ana.

  2. thanks to my reader, especially to ita. you also make me smile when you give some commment at my comment make me more motivate.hehe... thanks a lot ita.(=