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Assalammualaikum. Hye guys. Meet you again. Today we bring our laptop to the class because Miss Zu want check our draft for the term paper. Miss Zu also gives our outline marks. My group gets 3.5 marks.The higher is Ika groups. They get 4.7 marks. Wow. Congratulation! I want show my group outlines after she received and checked our outline. This is our correction for our outline.

      I.        Introduction
It is indeed true that without HPV Vaccination women all over Malaysia still live in a perfect healthy life, however, Malaysian way of lifestyle has changed the situation as recently failing to take the HPV Vaccination will lead to negative catastrophes such as increasing sexually transmitted diseases, leading to mental retardation and eventually will lead to fatal chronic cancerous death cases.

    II.        Body Paragraph

A)   One reason for taking this HPV Vaccinations is to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV types 16 and 18 and to increase the immune response to the vaccine among women

1.   HPV vaccines have the potential to reduce cervical cancer deaths around the world.

a)    HPV vaccines can protect women from cervical cancer and at the same time it can help to decrease the statistic of cervical cancer deaths in the world to less than 7,300. (Richard and Wu, 2006)

b)    The HPV vaccine also helpful in combating genital warts and it is also can defend against chronic cancer such as cervical cancer and precancerous lesions of the cervix. (Alexandra, 2012)

c)    According to Roden and Wu (2006) found that HPV vaccination may be the most effective alternative to combat cervical cancer and other contagious virus.

2.   Besides to prevent the chronics cancer such as cervical cancer, HPV vaccines also give the superior immune response for those taking it.

a)   In “Journal of Health Care and Law & The Policy,” (2007), the researcher observed that the women who have shots the vaccine will have the highest neutralizing antibody response from 1.7 to 2.7 times higher than the normal women that not taking it.

b)   In “HPV Vaccine- Questions & Answers”, (2008), states that the vaccines generate higher antibody that fights infection when given during their teenagers period.

c)   Condom use can reduce the transmission of HPV between sexual partners. However, because areas are not cover by a condom can be infected by the virus, they are unlikely to provide complete protection against transmission of infection. (Garland,2007)


B)   Although the HPV vaccine is a strong weapon to prevent the cancerous diseases, Malaysian women should take this matter seriously as it can affect their health in many ways.

1.    HPV is a common virus that easily spread by skin to skin contact during sexual activity with another person and it will lead to sexual transmitted diseases.

a)      Alexandra (2012) has found that some of the parents uncomfortable with the fact that teenagers were being aiming for a sexually transmitted diseases if they are not taking the HPV vaccines.

b)      HPV is regularly spread by sexual contact, which influences lifestyle choices and behavioral decisions. (Richard, 2006)

c)      Loh (2011) has found that there are more than 150 HPV related viruses can be easily transmitted and at the same time it will cause some other impact.

d)      In “The Virginia Gardasil Law”, (2010) states that many people does not know that they are infected by the virus from sexually transmitted because most HPV strains do not cause pain or have easily recognizable symptoms.

e)      Most of the people think that using condom can be one of the alternatives to prevent them from HPV virus but the virus still can be transmitted because the condoms  cannot covered beyond on the skin. (Carrie,2007 as cites in David, 2006)




C)   The lacking of information and unaware behavior about HPV vaccines can give tremendous impact such as it will lead to fatal chronic cancerous death cases.

1.    Sufferers who get the disease due to not taking the vaccines may be not having any chance to recover again and the percent to die is higher.

a)    According to Loh (2011), 2,126 cervical cancer victims a year with 631 deaths and expected the number will be increasing to 3502 women with 1118 deaths within a year.

b)    According to Christina, (2010) states that the people who do not take HPV vaccine for their health, they are expected to potentially death is higher than the person who taking it.

c)    The statistic of death cases from cervical cancer is the higher rather than the death cases of car accident and most of the women still not unaware about this fact. (2012)

d)    In “Vaccine Education Center”, (2013) assumes that every year, the total number of deaths from cervical cancer is 300,00 and this show that the total of worldwide.


Another reason of not taking the HPV vaccine is it will infect the future generations and to engage in sexually risky behavior. Future generations who engage with sexually risky behavior will have the higher chances to get sexually transmit diseases as compares to those who are taking the Hpv vaccination. 


1.    Nowadays, many people just think that there no reason to take the HPV vaccine and unknowingly it will give negative impact to their mental and to their future.

a)    The girls and young women who are not vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV) will lead to engage in sexually risky behaviors (Salynn, 2011)

b)    According to William,(2003) states that the young women are easily to get negative impact to their mental because the antibody are weak to against human papillomavirus (HPV).

c)    Based on the Claudia, (2007), argue that the women who failing to get HPV vaccines will affect the future generation to get a perfect healthy life as the young women lack of the immune system to protect themselves from any fatal chronic cancerous death cases.  



In a nutshell, a variety of reasons which caused the importance of taking the HPV vaccine to increase the immune response and to prevent cervical cancer had been recognized clearly. Failing to get the vaccines will lead to increasing sexually transmitted diseases but it also leading to mental retardation and eventually will lead to fatal chronic cancerous death cases.


After that, we should leave our comment at draft friends. This is our comment for Izani groups.


According to the demography journal by Gordon b Dahl (2010), “women who marries young is 31 percentage points more likely to live in poverty when she is older.” Meanwhile the population of Council Analysis Of United Nations Country data indicates that in some places of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India and Nigeria at least 40% of the women were married before age 15 years old and if the data keep growing during the next decade, up to 100 million girls will be married during their adolescences. These statistics are frightening and should not be taken lightly as it effects their future life. Another cases is an experience from Zeinab who is marry at her young age and currently is 26 years old. She was married at 10 years old and gave birth to her first child at 12. As a result of giving birth, her left side is paralyzed and her husband subsequently abandoned her. In order to seek a livelihood, she sells potatoes. Moreover, she is unable to educate her daughter because of her situation. From this situation, can we summarise that marry at early age will give a chronic disease? Is it marry at early age will bring the women’s life to become poverty? What is the perception from the society? Will the society accept the early age marriage nowadays? Undeniably, the negative outcomes associated with early marriage and high school students have the potential to affect not only to the under age teenagers’ life and health but as well as the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences.[w1] 


            Marry at the early age is due to several reasons. One of the major reasons that the high school students marry at their early age is because their families forces the teenagers to get married with the men that their families have chosen. This is because some of the teenagers come from poor family. According to Sara (2012), most of the families want their daughter married early because they do not have enough money to bear all of their children and to ease the family’s economic burden.[w2]  Because of lack in money, the parents are unable to provide their children with the enough foods, clothes and good educations and to slove this problems they tend to marry their daugther early. Despite the problem of forced marriage occurred among poor family, it is also happen to the rich families[w3] . A study by Khan (2012) found some of the rich families want to expand their business performance so they decided to marry their daughter with the son of their business partners. It happens when two families are share partner of their company and in order to expand and lasting their good relationship, they marrying their children and finally become an in law. Furthermore, the teenager’s family forces the teenagers to get married early is because they want to use the teenagers to settle down the family’s debt or want to use the entire dowry to pay their debt. They will force their daughter to marry with the man that they have owe in order to settle all of their debt. According to Indramalar (2012), sometimes their families said that the brides do not have the right to use the dowry because they are too young to have a lot of money, but unfortunately, they use the dowry to pay all of their debt. Thus, all parents should take many considerations before marrying their daugther.[w4] 

            There were many consequences from marry at early age. One of the consequences is it will affect the teenagers girls’ future life.Gordon (2010) indicates that women who marry in their adolescenes are more expected to experience the process of seperation within 15 years of their wedding. This shows the bad result for the teenagers as they aspect that they will live happily with their loved ones and experience their family with full of love and caring with all of their children. Gordon (2010) also argues that teenagers who are marrying at young age are 31% more expected to live in the poverty when she is older.For examples, a high divorce rate combine with low wages of the family and also have a large family size had increase the number of the women living in poverty. When they divorce, the women lost her hanging and will start to use their savings. Soon, the savings will finish and they start to live in poverty. Besides that, due to marry at early age, it also affect the teenager’s daily life.Nicole, Erica, Hilary and Chris (2005) notes that married teens have lower revelation to current news and limited social networks. It is because they have to be the full-time housewife and were busy to manage their new life as a family. Haberland, Bracken, Parker (2005) indicate that the young teenagers who were married earlier will have less household and economic power than married women. Mostly the married girls are often living with little authority under the supervision of their new mothers-in-law and by that they have less decision making power than married women. A study from International Women’s Health Coalition (2011) found that high school students who married earlier will have lesser freedom of movement and capacity to seek for health care and family planning services compared to theircolleague. The teenager’s husband and his family will restrict and control the teenagers movement because they are young bride and still new to the family. As a result, the teenagers only feel burdened and didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy their life. [w5] [w6] 

Other than that,due to the teenager’s family decision on getting their children married early with the man that they have choosen, it will give effects on the teenager’s health condition. This is because, most of the teenagers husband were transmitted their diseases to the teenagers. Based on the study of International Women’s Health Coalition(2011), the teenagers have the potential to get HIV if their husband is older five or fourteen years than them, because 30 per cent of the teenager’s partners were having a numerous sex partners before they get married. Besides, the physiologically of young adolescences were also easy to get infections from HIV or another transmitted diseases because their vagina is lack from the protective cells. This is because, before the teenagers get married with their partners, they did not ask their partners to do the HIV test and some of them also were not given chances to ask about that. In addition, teenagers also can get an effected during their pregnancy period and towardstheir child as well. If the teenagers get pregnant at the age of 15 until 19 years, they have higher risk to death during their pregnancy period because their body is not strong enough and still at the growth stage. The young mothers also will get the risks and complications during the pregnancy progression which can affect their babies’ weight and the babies will have a higher potential to die (The Practice of Marrying, 2013). The teenagers also can get an effected to their mental condition. According to Indramalar (2012), it was happen because the teenagers were not ready yet to accept their new life as the housewives and their life totally different with their peer friends. Besides, their focus will only to the responsibilities as the housewives’ and soon they will become a young mother at the early age. The higher possibility of the domestic violences in the marriage also will happen and can affect the mentality of the teenagers who are not mature enough to do their responsibilities as wife and mothers at the early age (Media Centre, 2011).









Another one consequences from marry at early age is the shortcoming perception from the society towards the young adolescences. It is because of the society will considered that the teenagers who get married early have low level of education. When a married couple has time to learn or learning management would be affected as well as the disruption of the physical and emotional will always disturbed when learning. Interest to focus on learning will be reduced because more attention to their marriage. Based on the study, most of the teenagers who get married early were not finishing their school learning (Mana Vue, 2000), this is because when every couple that marry in young age it will disturb learning after have result life partnership (have child ) .They will focus more in content and maternal health and baby. Apart from that finance will become a bane to continue learning. After arising problem in their marriage will take decision to end education. Mana Vue (2000) posited that the teenagers are lack in term of concern in college and inspiration from their parents and peers. They will be less a concern in the subject, this is due to all couples who marry early, they will pay more attention to their marriage and to prevent the lack of attention, love their conjugal relationship only think about responsibility in the married to neglect their studies. Besides that advice from parents will also be less because they thought that the responsibility to educate and warn the children has expired and will assume that their children are mature when married. Friends will also isolate themselves and reduce joint activities, thinking that her married will only concentrate on the responsibilities and require permission if you want to do work in a group. According to Mana Vue (2000), the teenagers have poor study behaviours. Because when more focus in household namely serve relationship couple, provide eat and drink, application aspect will make their attitude change to worse because inattention in education[w8] . Even worse if those stay same roof with great families and have a financial problem, this will cause behaviour that is bad and idle in education because busy searching part-time work. Lundberg (1994) has found women who marry before the age of 19 are 50% more expected to withdraw from high school and four times fewer to graduate from college. It is because more focus in couple and no time to learn or revise lesson and no interest to learn more prone in other things. They will think familial only until lose interest for their further education to level that even higher. They will think how want manage their life after they getting married because of that they already lost interest to their education. A study by Sanders (1997) found high school students who marry at their early age have educational and performance problems in school. This is because they put on their life after marriage. They will not care about education, education as well as their performance in school or at tertiary institutions. They will think about their excitement after getting married to neglect their studies. They will assume that subjects are not important in those who are married. This which caused cause why students who are married at a young age and has lost interest in education issues, education and their performance in school or at tertiary institutions. The society will presume that the teenagers who get married early were too exposure to social life. When youth marry in age that is young, society will say they already too social. If parents pay attention on their youth children matter like this will not happen. Teens now have too given the freedom to them so they have no qualms about shamelessly longer to do anything that is not supposed to do at their age. Parents also do not play their proper role right way so that children are not afraid of them and respect them more. According to Mana Vue (2000). There was too much social life among the teens. They feel they can do anything because they believe that their parents have been reckless if they do they are too extravagant and daring to try something that they think its fun. Khan (2012) states the teenagers’ parents will arrange their marriage because they have too much social life with their friends. When something happens which humiliates parents, parents will take easy way by marry their children without think their children ‘future. Due to the, youth in this modern time already unabashed to do things that outside their thinking reason they think their parents already not care about them more. Khan (2012) indicates the desire to keep the family’s good name and societal stand up because of the problematic teenagers. Parents with acquaintance that many or influential will think of the good name of the family because they ashamed when their children involved in social ills. They are more think family's good name from taking attention on their daily life children. When their youth children already blundered new they want to regret. Therefore, parents should monitor and take note of the social life of their teenage children to not too independent to do things. They have no limitations when friends those problem students at an early age marriages occurred. If parents play an important role and responsibility of their teenage children about education problems will not arise and their teenage children will continue their studies at a higher level and will think of their future direction correctly.[w9] 

 For your information, tonight have a replacement class. So I must ready for the next tasks tonight. I think that’s all. Thanks. Bye.

 [w1]The introductary paragraph is interesting and its give the reader want to more read about the causes and effects.
 [w2]This group write the citation with the correct format.
 [w3]This group start the sentences with conjuction words. We think the sentences will become “weird” and we think it is not suitable.
 [w4]The concluding paragraph is related with the whole paragraph.
 [w5]The concluding paragraph is related with the whole paragraph
 [w6]We notice that, this group has find a lot of materials to support their topic and they also put some of example to attract the reader to keep reading.
 [w7]This group put a lot of citation into this paragraph.
2. We think they do not put the concluding paragraph
 [w8]This group start the sentences with conjuction words. We think the sentences will become “weird” and we think it is not suitable.
 [w9]Each paragraph must be balance. We think, they should cut off the point and just take the main point to put into to the paragraph.
 [w10]We think the citation is not suitable to put in the conclusion.
 [w11]We think the concusion is not bad. We think they also can put more suggestion and recommendation to make the conclusion more interesting.

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