Sunday, 30 December 2012



Alhamdulillah,I still alive. How are you?.I hope you all healthy.I was very happy today because our class at computer laboratory.The locatiom at the sector C. If you study at there,you must feel happy because you can use the facility for search something, Sometime I use it for my reference. I can search anything at internet. Hehe..=). That's why I'm happy. All right, our class start with du'a. After that, Miss Zu want we present again about yesterday. Fatin and Atikah Kardi are the firts presenter.Why they are present again? They want make sure their topic is suitable for the types of essay. For your information, Athirah and I are present  ten minute before the class end at 6P.M. She had complaint about us topic. Without waste the time,we did correction in sentences to make sure the sentences is correct. The last presenter are Syafikah and Izani.They are look very excited to present their topic. Hehe..I don't know.May be they are the last presenter.Hehee.. By the way, she had give some advice,she want this task was complete for the next year 2013. That's all. Hope today is better than before.. Smile always. Wassalam..

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