Friday, 21 December 2012

4 facts about partner??

Monday, 10/12/2012

Hi guys. Today, we will present four facts about partner. As you know, we must guess which one not true about us. We must do the tasks with our partner.The class start at 2 p.m at 'DewanSeri Peria'. For your information, it start with Nawi and her partner is Nadia and the last one is Nadia Zamri and her partner is Zubaidah.. Who my partner?? My partner is Rozita Binti Ghafar. There are have some facts about her. Firstly,she like eat chocolate. She said, the chocolate is very delicious. Second, she closed with her mother than her father because her mother not strict. Thirdly, she also always sleep late and wake up also late because she will online facebook, twitter or watching movies. Lastly, She don't like lizard. funny..So, can you guess which one is not true about her??. The answer is she closed with her late father because her father not strict. After a few minutes, the class end at 4 p.m. We not enough time to do the task. Miss Zu said us, we will continues about 4 facts tomorrow. That's all for today...Wassalam. Thanks you. =)

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