Friday, 21 December 2012


Tuesday, 11/12/2012

Hello guys, nice to meet you. =). All right,I want proceed four facts about my friends today. It start with Atikah Kardi and her partner is Faiz Othmann and the last one is Izani and her partner is Diba. After that, miss Zu give us another task . The task title is 'That's Shocking'. She give ten minutes to us to prepare the tasks and we must write four things about ourselves. For me, the tasks is very challenge. This is because we must make the whole class shocking when their know four facts about us.After that, she want us make a plane using the paper. For your information,the paper plane must contain four facts about us. >_<. Then, we need fly it to other friends. We cannot take our own paper plane. I get Izani paper plane. Lastly, I hope this tasks can make me more enjoy. That's all..  Have a nice day.Wassalam..;)


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