Friday, 21 December 2012

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Wednesday, 12/12/2012

Hi friends. I felt tired today. Why?? I not enough sleep tonight, but I not absend. All right,today our class at SL 2. SL also as know as a computer lab. The location at sector C.For your information,Miss Zu want us create own blog for Bel subject. After that, we need follow the blog that our friends. Seriously, I'm jelous when I reading and proud with my friends blog. They are very creative. >_< . In addition, before our class end at 6 p.m. She give us a new assigment. We need does it with partner. My partner is Athirah ... =). The purpose ,she want us search currents issues that may can help us to improve in writting.  'Do the best, among the best". Hopefully, I can do it. Thanks... Wassalam..

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