Friday, 21 December 2012


Tuesday, 4/12/2012


Hi guys.. How are you? I'm fine ..Today,our class location at block Usahawan. I'm so tired because the location so far from my college, but I still want go to the class..Hehe.. I want gain more knowledge. All right, today Miss Zu had refresh back about the types of essay for the last semester. Seriously, I not recall anything. She said for this semester had five types of essay..

 1) Argumentative essay.
 2) Cause and effects essay.
 3)Compare and contrast.
 5) Problem solve evolusion.

She tell us,we need focus for this topic because we will do for the term paper. I hope I will concentrate at class.. InsyaAllah.. Lastly, she had give us some task. For this tasks we are need introduce four facts about partner. For your information,we will proceed this tasks for the next class and another partner must guess which one not true about us. I think that's all for today... See you next time. Wassalam.=)