Saturday, 23 March 2013

Do speakingg test with members.


Hye guys. How are you? Here I want share about my learning today. Today my class at DSP. Miss Zu wants other group do speaking test at front and she also choose Rozita groups. For your information, we should give marks for they. Rozita group is Adibah,Wasim and Piqa. After that, she also gives comments each candidate. Miss Zu said, Adibah have many contents and have many examples. Rozita and Adibah have higher marks for these tasks. Congratulation to you!! I’m proud with you. A few minutes, she asks to us, how many students will go to Persada tomorrow? Half our class will go for tomorrow event. She also tells us, tomorrow class cancels. Yeeaahhh. Beside that, she arranges our time for speaking test at Wednesday and Thursday night. My groups do at Wednesday night and my groups are Faiz Othman, Bariyah and Asnawi. We should arrive around 7.50 o’clock. Okay Miss Zu, we will arrive on time. After that, we does the discussion communication test with own group. A few minutes, our class end at 4 P.M. I think that’s all. Thank you. See you again.

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