Saturday, 23 March 2013



Assalammualaikum. Nervous! Huh. Today I come late. Sorry Miss Zu. I go to print argumentative essay at college Mutiara (Sector B). After I’m come I submit it at Syafiqah Salleh. Hah! Today Miss Zu teaches us about ‘drawing conclusion’. The interesting learning. After she teaches about the topic, she divide us into some group. We will play a few games. My group is number 3. My member are Athirah, Nabila, Nawi, Wasim and me. First game our group not get any marks. So sad. Second game, my group gets 2 marks. We success guest the writer means. My group answer is “we can conclude that the Gollum have a split personality which is bad and good side and the evidence is the good Gollum try to against the bad Gollum”.  Lastly, class end at 6 P.M and Thursday night have replacement class. I think that’s all. Hope your all enjoy read my blogger. Thank you. See you again.

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