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Hye everyone.

Farewell notes.

What have you learnt throughout this semester in BEL 311? Do you think that your writing skills have improved?

Seriously, I feel my writing have improved. This is because before this I have some trouble and I have no ideas to do the introduction. My introduction not interesting like other people. So, Miss Zu as my save, she teaches me a lot pattern to do the introduction. This is sample of the introduction.
Idea or situation.
We live in an era where television is the national pastime. Since the intervention of the television set, people have been spending more of their free time watching television that doing anything else. Many of the television addicts feel that this particular pastime is not a bad one; indeed they argue that people can learn a great deal of knowledge by watching television. I am sure that if you think carefully, you probably say that some programs are educationally- motivating. But, for most part, I say that watching television is a waste of time for three major reasons.
Now, I will practice it and I will make sure I use the pattern to make my introduction was interesting. beside that, I also know how make the reference from he article especially for the term paper. I also know how to find and make the source for the term paper resourse. Here, I want say thanks to Miss Zu because she lot give her skill to improve our skill. I love Miss Zu. =)

What does blogging teach in BEL 311?
What do you think of expressing your thoughts  feeling via-e-Diary (blogging).

Totally, first time I create my blog I feel like this ‘this is my first blog and after this I will have more critical thinking to make my blogger is funny, happy and very important is it interesting’. why I thinks so? This is because maybe I will take more time to do it. Seriously I feel it burden to me. Sometime I feel bored to do it everyday. After I know the blog purpose, now I know when I update or share my story I make me to improve in writing skill. Maybe a little bit my grammar is correct. But, until know I don’t know whether my grammar is improve or still same before this. I hope I can learn from my mistake. I also can share my feeling like happy, sad or anything I do at this blog. Lastly, now I feel I take some hour to do blogging. Before this, I take 3hour to do the blog. Haha. Now I take 1 only hour for my 3 entry. I hope I will more enjoy updating my blog. Thank you.

What you expert for your final get?

Seriously. I feel nervous because I still not prepare anything for final especially for BEL 311. I hope I have enough time to prepare it. What I learnt before this, I think I will pass and not expert how much I final get. Whatever happens, I hope I will do the best!! If other people excellence, why not me?? Wish me luck. Thank friends.

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