Saturday, 23 March 2013

Do peer-editing.

TUESDAY, 5/3/2013

Hi, how are you today? Today class at block U. Before our lesson start, Miss Zu wants us doing quiz online assessments for this week. Okay, today we do peer- editing for other group draft. My group change peer- editing with group Nawi and Acap. Miss Zu also has given us blue colour paper. The paper is scoring rubric. We should give marks for format, mechanics, content, organization, grammar and sentences for other group, like my group must give marks for Nawi group. For your information, Tira was buzy collect original and commented draft from other group. After we do peer- editing, we must gives marks for them. Miss Zu want us not show the marks at them. The mark is secret. Nawi and Acap change their draft original with my group and we also do the same tasks. If our not follow the format, of course we not any marks. Tira and I was feel nervous because we not want loss he marks. Of course, right? Lastly, Miss Zu said tomorrow we will do speaking test at evening class and night class will do compare and contrast essay. We also should submit peer-editing and give marks for the tasks before this. I think that's all for today. Thanks you.

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