Saturday, 23 March 2013

Nervous! Speaking test!

WEDNESDAY, 6/3/2013.

Today our class at SL. Today Miss Zu came late. She wants do online quiz, blogging and commenting. After she arrive, she teach us how score speaking test. She also as where there the speaking is same with BEL 260 or not. Of course have same difference, right? She also shows the guideline for speaking. Have three components. The component is content (8 marks), language (8 marks) and communicative ability (4 marks) only. After she teaches how get the marks. She divided us 8 groups. Some groups have 4 people and other groups have 3 people. I group no 1. My member is Faiz Othman, Nawi, Bariah and I. She want group no 1 doing the test speaking. I’m really nervous because I’m not ready for speaking, but never mind. I hope I will accept whatever comment from friends and also from Miss Zu about me. I know I’m not expert when speaking, but I hope I can learn and improve it before the real test speaking. My topic speaking is about  ‘Malaysian are always not pantual'. Discuss the solution for this problem. Nawi is candidate A, Faiz candidate B, Bariah candidate C and I candidate D. We only have 5 minute for think the point and 20 minute for discussion about it. Next, after the speaking, our friends give marks at us. I only get 7.5 over 20 marks. So sad, but I know this is my false. I should prepare it before this happen. I hope the real test I have many ideas and not shame to elaborate. Miss Zu also gives comment at me. She said my content does not fulfill tasks. Thanks God because you send the right person to make me aware my weakness. I really hope I will do the best after this. She also want us put some example and supporting details for the point. Before our class ended, Miss Zu have gives us six question speaking test. She want us do the discussion together. Alright, tonight have replacement class. We will do compare and contrast essay tonight. I think that's all for today. Thanks you.

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