Saturday, 23 March 2013

'Save the planet'

MONDAY, 4/3/2013

The trademarks wait a minute ‘Save the Planet’. Today which group doing the forum? Today group six doing they forum at front. Sara group are Faiz Othman,Nadia S, Sara and Pika Azmi. Faiz as Ex.China Prime Minister, Nadia as Housewife, Sara as host and Pika as Ceo of Tesco.  Have 3 people only doing the forum because Pika Azmi absent. She has period pain. Never mind. The forum stills the best because sara is glamour host today. We take many Sara picture. Congratulation Sara, you glamour today. Hehe. I like Sara when she smiles. She looks beautiful girl. Okay, after that we finish doing reference for our draft. Tira and I doing the reference together. I help Tira a little bit only. I hope I understand to do it. After that, Miss Zu have give us a orange colour paper. The paper has two pages. The pages contents self-editing and peer editing. Today Miss Zu wants us doing the self- editing first. This is because the time was limited. Have an hour only for do it. Tira and I do it carefully. After we do self- editing we must give our self- editing to other group like my group change with Nawi groups. The tasks we will do for tomorrow class. A few minute, our class dismissed. I think that's all. Thanks you.

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