Sunday, 3 March 2013



Assalammualaikum. Hi guys. Today we do forum. Yeahh!!  Alright, the first group is Izani group, second group is Atikah Ahmad group. A next group is Ani group and group four is Fikri group. My group is no five. You still remember what our topic?

 Our topic is ‘Many young girls strive very hard to be thin. Some of them starve themselves to look thin while others induce vomiting. This has resulted in teenage eating disorders which affects their health. As a concerned citizen, suggest the best solutions to this problem. Give reasons for your choice”.

 My group host name is Miss NADDY. Our trademark is LISTEN, LISTEN and LISTEN!! Hehe. For your information, I as bulimia experience. Okay, I want share my experience and my forum here. Read carefully.

Today I want share my bulimia experience to help protect people suffering from bulimia. Alright, 3 years ago. My weight is 80kg. For me, I really comfortable with my body shape, but one day friends start to tease me about my body shape. I feel low self confidence. One day, I research and read one the article about bulimia from the internet and I decided to do something about my weight. After read the article, I’m really not comfortable with my body shape. Why?? It is because my body shape made me not beautiful like other women. I constantly compared myself to my friends who looked incredibly thin and beautiful. I wondered why my legs looked so large and my hips so wide when everyone else seemingly had the perfect body. Start that day, I stopped eating. If I ate even the smallest amount of food, I felt guilty and called me a failure and me also deliberately vomiting. When I have bulimia I felt very alone, afraid and low self confidence. Before that, I have no idea about where I should to go to get the treatment and I’m now seeing a therapist and a nutritionist because I still cannot get a handle on my behaviors. Conclusion, now my weight became steady and I looked healthy. So many friends also stopped harassing me about my weight. What do you think, it interesting?  Okay friends, here I want state the best forum is from Atikah groups. The best panel is Rozita and Atikah again. About an hour, our class was end. The time was limited right. The last group should do their forum for the next class. Before we leave the class, Miss Zu wants we all do the quiz online assessment and we must put reference at our draft. That’s all. Thank you. Have a nice day..!

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